Mild Steel (MS) Channels, also known as C Channels due to their C-shaped profile, are characterized by their web height and flange width. Our user-friendly MS channel weight chart and calculator provide accurate information, facilitating well-informed decisions for your projects. These channels are primarily utilized for carrying horizontal gravitational forces and find applications in diverse industries such as bus body construction, EOT cranes, and various engineering projects.

MS Channels: 75 x 40mm to 200 x 75mm (Light Wt. /Med. Wt. /STD .Wt.)

Lakshya International supplies a wide range of Mild Steel (MS) Channels. It stands out as a leading supplier and manufacturer of building materials, including stainless steel. We stock a comprehensive range of channels in various sizes and weights sourced from reputable manufacturers like SAIL, RINL, and other esteemed producers of mild steel channels.

Mild Steel Channel Unit Weight

The unit weight of an MS channel is calculated using the formula weight = volume density, with steel having a density of 7850 kg/m3. To determine the volume, multiply the web’s height by the flange’s width and the channel’s thickness.

MS Channel Weight Chart

Size in mmAverage Weight
70 x 354.201.30
75 x 405.201.58
75 x 40 STD7.102.20
75 x 40 MED6.502.00
75 x 40 LIGHT5.701.70
100 x 50 STD9.562.90
100 x 50 MED9.202.80
100 x 50 LT MED8.702.60
100 x 50 LIGHT7.902.40
120 x 5512.53.10
125 x 6513.104.00
150 x 7516.805.10
200 x 7522.306.80
Rolling Tolerances
Web: up to 200 mm ± 2.5 mmabove 200 mm ± 3 mm
Flange: upto 100 mm ± 2 mm
Sectional weight: ± 2.5 %
Length: For fixed length : ± 100 mm

ISMC Weight Chart

SizeWeight in Kgs. Per FeetWeight in Kgs. per Mtr.
ISMC  75 x 40 x 4.82.1767.14
ISMC  100 x 50 x 52.9149.56
ISMC  125 x 65 x 5.33.99313.10
ISMC  150 x 75 x 5.75.12116.80
ISMC  175 x 75 x 65.97519.60
ISMC  200 x 75 x 6.26.79822.30
ISMC  250 x 82 x 910.42634.2
ISMC  300 x 90 x 7.811.06736.3
ISMC  400 x 100 x 8.815.27450.1

Mild Steel Channels

DesignationDepth of SectionWidth of FlangeThickness of WebWeight/MtrSectional AreaModuli of Section
ISMC 75 weight75404.
ISMC 100 weight1005059.612.237.37.5
ISMC 125 weight125655.313.116.76813.4
ISMC 150 weight150755.716.821.310519.4
ISMC 175 weight17575619.624.4139.822.8
ISMC 200 weight200756.222.328.518126.4
ISMC 250 weight250827.234.23930738.4
ISMC 300 weight300907.836.346.342847.1
ISMC 400 weight4001008.850.163.876067

Channel Weight Per Kg

Sr. No.Side(mm) x Side(mm) x Thickness(mm)Section Weight (Kg/m)
1MC *40 X 32 X 54.82
2MC 75 X 40 X 4.87.14
3MC 100 X 50 X 59.56
4MC 125 X 65 X 5.313.1
5MC 150 X 75 X 5.716.8


Sectional Properties as per:-

For Channels :-  IS :808 – 1989 / IS :3954 – 1981
Tolerance as per:-
For Channels :-  IS :1852 – 1985 / IS :3954 – 1981
Grades as per:-
For Channels :-  IS :2062 :E250 A – 2006

Dimensions and Weight of Beams/Joists, Channels, and Angles

SectionDimensions Sectional WeightLength
ChannelsBhilai Steel Plant
75 x 40 x 4.87.1410 to 12
100 x 50 x 59.56
Durgapur Steel Plant
125 x 65 x 5.313.110 to 11.5
125 x 66 x 613.7for all dimensions
150 x 75 x 5.716.8
150 x 76 x 6.517.7
175 x 75 x 619.6
200 x 75 x 6.222.3
200 x 76 x 7.524.3
Bhilai Steel Plant
250 x 82 x 934.210 to 12
300 x 90 x 7.836.3for all dimensions
400 x 100 x 8.850.1

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Precision is paramount in calculating the weight of steel materials. Our metal weight calculator delivers accurate results for dimensions like 65 x 65 x 5, 60 x 60 x, 50 x 50 x 5, 70 x 70 x, 80 x 80 x, 75 x 75 x 5, or 90 x 90 x, using a density of 7850 kg/m3. It works seamlessly across angles and plates, eliminating estimation errors and minimizing material wastage. Rely on our calculator to provide the data necessary for well-informed decisions regarding steel weight in your construction projects.

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What is the weight of MS channel?

The weight of an MS channel depends on its size and thickness. The weight is typically given in kilograms per meter (kg/m). For example, a 100x50mm MS channel with a thickness of 6mm weight approximately 9.56 kg/m.

What is the weight of 75x40mm channel?

A 75x40mm MS channel with a thickness of 5mm weight approximately 5.70 kg/m.

What is the unit weight of C channel?

The unit weight of a C channel is the weight per unit length, typically given in kilograms per meter (kg/m). The unit weight of a C channel depends on its size and thickness. For example, a 100x50mm C channel with a thickness of 6mm weight approximately 9.56 kg/m.

How do you calculate MS channel weight in KG?

The weight of an MS channel can be calculated using the following formula:

weight = (web height × flange width × thickness) × density


  • web height is the height of the web in millimeters (mm)
  • flange width is the width of the flange in millimeters (mm)
  • thickness is the thickness of the channel in millimeters (mm)
  • density is the density of steel, which is approximately 7850 kg/m3

For example, to calculate the weight of a 100x50mm MS channel with a thickness of 6mm, you would use the following formula:

weight = (100 mm × 50 mm × 6 mm) × 7850 kg/m3 = 9.56 kg/m

How do you calculate MS weight?

The weight of an MS channel can also be calculated by referring to a weight table. Weight tables are typically provided by steel manufacturers and distributors.

MS Channel 150 size

There are two standard sizes for MS channels with a web height of 150mm:

  • 150x65mm
  • 150x80mm

The weight of an MS channel 150x65mm with a thickness of 5mm is approximately 13.40 kg/m. The weight of an MS channel 150x80mm with a thickness of 6mm is approximately 17.90 kg/m.

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