The Indian Standard Medium Channel (ISMC) weight chart is a tool used to calculate the weight of various steel products in India. The weights are calculated based on the dimensions of the products, such as width, height, and length. Manufacturers use this weight chart to determine the price of their products, and customers use it to compare the prices of different products. The ISMC weight chart is an important tool for both manufacturers and consumers in the Indian steel industry.

What is ISMC?

ISMC weight chart. It is used to calculate the weight of a steel beam, channel, or other metal structural element. The ISMC weight chart is based on the dimensions of the steel member being weighed. The weight of the steel member is then calculated by multiplying the length and width of the steel member by the weight per square inch of the specific grade of steel. We also provide you C Channel Weight Calculator.

ISMC Weight Calculator

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Cut Weight Grams.  

ISMC Weight Chart Per Meter and Kg

TypeWeight per meter (kg)Depth of Section(mm)Sectional area(cm²)Thickness of Flange(mm)Width of Flange(mm)Thickness of web(mm)
ISMC 75  6.8  75  8.677.3404.4
ISMC 100  9.210011.707.5504.7
ISMC 12512.712516.198.1655.0
ISMC 15016.415020.889.0755.4
ISMC 17519.117524.3810.2755.7
ISMC 20022.120028.2111.4756.1
ISMC 22525.922533.0112.4806.4
ISMC 25030.425038.6714.1807.1
ISMC 30038.830045.6413.6907.6
ISMC 35042.135053.6613.51008.1
ISMC 40049.440062.9315.31008.6

MS Angle/Channel/Beam sections Indian Standards

ISMB: Indian Standard Medium Weight Beam

ISMC – Indian Standard Medium Weight Channel

ISJB: Indian Standard Junior Beams

ISLB: Indian Standard Light Weight Beams

ISWB: Indian Standard Wide Flange Beams

In Australia, Universal Beams (UB) and Columns are well-known brand names (UC).

Ms Channel Weight in Kg

Indian StandardSizesWeight in Kg Per FootWeight in Kg per Meter
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA75 * 40 * 4.82.1767.14
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA100 * 50 * 52.9149.56
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA125 * 65 * 5.33.99313.10
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA150 * 75 * 5.75.12116.80
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA175 * 75 * 65.97519.60
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA200 * 75 * 6.26.79822.30
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA250 * 82 * 910.42634.2
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA300 * 90 * 7.811.06736.3
ISMC/ ISMB/ ISA400 * 100 * 8.815.27450.1

JINDAL make Weight Channel Chart

Depth (mm) * Flange (mm) * Sectional Weight (kg/m)
ISMC 250 * 80 * 30.6ISMC 300 * 90 * 36.3
ISMC 250 * 82 * 34.2ISMC 300 * 92 * 41.5
ISMC 250 * 83 * 38.1ISMC 300 * 93 * 46.2
ISMC 250 * 83 * 38.1ISMC 400 * 100 * 50.1

SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited)

Structural steel section sizes and weight of beams/joists, channels, and angles

Structural SectionsDimensionsWeightLength
ChannelBhilai Steel Plant
75 * 40 * 4.87.1410 to 12
100 * 50 * 59.56 
 125 * 65 * 5.313.110 to 11.5
125 * 66 * 613.7for all dimensions
150 * 75 * 5.716.8 
150 * 76 * 6.517.7 
175 * 75 * 619.6 
200 * 75 * 6.222.3 
200 * 76 * 7.524.3 
 250 * 82 * 934.210 to 12
300 * 90 * 7.836.3for all dimensions
400 * 100 * 8.850.1 


Steel Channel Weight Per Kg

Side(mm) * Side(mm) * Thickness range (mm)Section Weight (Kg/m)
MC *40 * 32 * 54.82
MC 75 * 40 * 4.87.14
MC 100 * 50 * 59.56
MC 125 * 65 * 5.313.1
MC 150 * 75 * 5.716.8

Manufacturing Grades:

Steel Channel  IS :808 – 1989 / IS :3954 – 1981
Tolerance as per:- 
Steel Channel  IS :1852 – 1985 / IS :3954 – 1981
Grades as per:- 
Steel Channel  IS :2062 :E250 A – 2006

What are the benefits of ISMC?

ISMC (Indian Standard Medium Channel) is a hot-rolled, mild steel channel section that is widely used in the construction industry. ISMC sections are available in various sizes and weights and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Some of the benefits of using ISMC sections include:

– Increased strength and stability: ISMC sections are significantly stronger than traditional wooden beams, making them ideal for use in load-bearing applications.

– Enhanced durability: The high-quality steel used in ISMC sections makes them highly resistant to rot, insect damage, and fire.

– Easy to install: ISMC sections are easy to handle and can be quickly installed on-site using standard tools and equipment.

– Cost-effective: The use of ISMC sections can help to reduce the overall cost of your construction project.

How to use the ISMC weight chart?

If you are looking for the weight of an ISMC channel, then you can use the following weight chart. This chart lists the weights of various ISMC channels in pounds per foot.

ISMC Weight Chart:

Size (in inches) Wt/Ft (lbs)

2 x 1 1.15

3 x 1 1.51

4 x 1 2.02

5 x 1 2.57

6 x 1 3.16

To use this chart, simply find the size of the ISMC channel that you are looking for and read the corresponding weight per foot. For example, if you are looking for the weight of a 4 x 1 ISMC channel, then you would find that it weighs 2.02 pounds per foot.

Grade of Raw Material

Aluminium, Brass IS 319, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, EN-19, EN-1A, EN-24, EN-8D, EPDM Rubber, Fe 11, Fe 12, Fe 24, Hastelloy C-276, Inconel 600, Inconel 610, Inconel 625, Mild Steel, Natural Rubber, SBR Rubber, Silver, SS 201, SS 202, SS 300 Series, SS 303, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 308, SS 309, SS 309L, SS 310, SS 316, SS 317L, SS 321, SS 400 Series, SS 410, SS 416, SS 446, ST-37, ST-52, Steel A105, Steel A106 Gr.B, Titanium.  

Type of Raw Material

Round, Square, Rectangle, Hexagonal, Octagonal, Sheet, Pipe Round, Pipe Square, Pipe, Rectangular, Angle, Channel, Tee, Beam.

How to calculate the weight of the mild steel channel?

Mild steel channels are U-shaped steel structures whose size and thickness can be used to describe them. Mild steel channels are made up of two parts: the bottom flange and the top web. The flange is the bottom, horizontal part, and the web is the top, vertical part.

It doesn’t have equal-length sides. For example, a Mild Steel channel is 5 mm thick and has sides that are 100 mm wide and 50 mm wide.

MS channel size

We know that an MS channel is made up of a flange and a web. It also comes in different sizes, from 75404.8 mm to 4001008.8 mm.

The MS channel’s weight is measured in kilograms per meter or kilograms per foot. Obviously, dimensions with a higher value will have a higher weight value, while dimensions with a lower value will have a lower weight value.

For example, the size of an MS channel is 100×50×5 mm

Mild Steel Channel Unit Weight

The unit weight of an MS channel is found by using the formula weight = volume density. The density of steel is 7850 kg/m3, and the volume is found by multiplying the web height by the flange width by the thickness.

Mild Steel Channel Weight in kg per Meter

MS Web Volume

MS Channel Size = 100×50×5 mm

Web Depth = 100 mm =0.1m

Web Thickness = 5 mm=0.005 m

Web Length = 1 m

Volume = l×b×h

Volume = 0.1×0.005×1 m3

Web Volume = 0.0005 m3

Two flange Volume

MS Channel Size = 100×50×5 mm

Flange Width = 50_5 mm =45mm=0.045 m

Flange Thickness = 5 mm=0.005 m

Flange Length = 1 m

Volume = l×b×h

Volume = 0.045×0.005×1 m3

Flange Volume = 0.000225 m3

Two Flange Volume = 0.000225×2 m3

Two Flange Volume of = 0.000450 m3

MS channel Total volume

Total volume = volume of flange+ volume of web

Total volume = 0.000450 +0.0005 m3

Total volume =0.000950m3

4) Weight of MS channel

Weight = volume× density

Volume = 0.000950 m3

Density of steel = 7850 kg/m3

Weight = 0.000950m3×7850 kg/m3

Weight of MS channel = 7.45 kg/m

Ans: MS channel unit weight will be 7.45 kg


The ISMC weight chart provides a quick and easy way to determine the weight of an Indian Standard Medium Channel (ISMC) steel beam. Simply select the desired beam depth, flange width, and web thickness from the drop-down menus, then click “Calculate Weight.” The calculator will automatically generate the estimated weight of your ISMC beam. Whether you’re in the construction industry or just interested in knowing the weight of a steel beam, this handy tool is sure to come in handy. So next time you need to know the weight of an ISMC steel beam, be sure to use our convenient online calculator.

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