If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen Stainless Steel in the news or on television. The metal is often used in many products, such as kitchen cutlery, medical equipment, and industrial equipment. However, many different types of Stainless Steel vary in how they are made. With this article, you’ll learn how to identify the different types of stainless steel so you can choose the best type for your project!

types-of-stainless-steelHow to Identify Types of Stainless Steel
Is your stainless steel clunky or smooth? If it’s clunky, there are a few possible reasons for that. It might be because the surface of the piece has been scratched, worn away from use. It may be because of rust and oxidation. Or it could simply be because you aren’t looking at the right part of the object to identify its grade and size. 

The first step for figuring out what type of stainless steel something comes with identifying its color and finish.

Look for dark brown, gleaming silver, or dusty red metal:

Even though steel has a limited color palette, it aids in identifying the sort of metal that is notable. Carbon steel pipe, which is utilized in constructions, is dark brown. Stainless steel is a silvery, gleaming metal that is commonly used in the kitchen. The metal is steel if there are reddish rust stains on it.

The second step is to know about and find a silver coloring inside a piece of metal, chip it

Before attempting to chip, it’s a good idea to check for a fracture. The metal cracks provide a view of the inside, making it possible to determine the type of steel. You might break a small piece using a hammer and chisel, making it easier to find the silver color. One thing to keep in mind is that the steel’s interior is always bright grey.

The third step is Checking for a number label on metal is one of the simplest ways to identify it. Steel is identified by the presence of a number label on the metal. The container is also printed with the same code, which helps to protect it during transportation. A label is used by stainless steel product makers to instantly identify their items.

The above three steps are easy to follow and are widely used to check the originality. Based on that the other characteristics that follow help to identify the type of steel are as follows: 

Test using a magnet:
You can use a magnet to distinguish steel from other metals since steel is generally magnetic due to its iron composition. Aluminum, for example, is not magnetic. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that not all stainless steel is magnetic. All magnetic characteristics vanish when nickel is added during the manufacturing process.

Steel is a more powerful metal:
When looking for steel, it is recommended that you look for a heavy metal rather than a light one. Stainless steel is significantly heavier than other metals, making it easy to identify between them. Steel is a strong and solid material that is difficult to break.

Test on metal files:
The metal file test is a well-known method of determining metal quality. The file test can be done with a metal file. Steel is a hard metal, therefore filling the fragments will take longer. Filling the metal pieces becomes more difficult as the hardness of the metal increases. The Mohs Scale can be used to determine the hardness of metal and categorize it based on the results.

Identifying steel is as simple as using the procedures listed above. If safety gear is required during the identification procedure, it is recommended to use it for the best outcomes. Lakshya International is a supplier of stainless steel items and guarantees that its products pass a series of tests to ensure that they are pure and high-quality. For more updates, you can read our other blogs on our website and gain a deeper understanding of our products for your next business needs.

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